Tri-Label: Labels


Tri-Label supply and support a food labelling solutions for multiple systems all working
in sync, to ensure all legislative and branding requirements are met…

Food Management System Software Partnership

Tri-Label deliver a complete internal order processing and labelling solution across the entire Tri-Star estate. Tri-Star deliver the self-adhesive materials in line with FMS requirements and onsite
specialist printers to ensure products are fully labelled and compliant with legislation


Project Support

Tri-Label work to develop unique labelling material and adhesive solutions where standard self-adhesive products are not suitable. We supply numerous forms of face stocks including synthetic clear PP and FSC woodfree machine coated midgloss paper with blocked adhesive. These solutions are often unique to each customer and developed in alignment with operating processes on site.


Peel & Apply

Tri-Label supply a range of peel and apply labels. Each label has been designed to suit a specific requirement from a packaging and branding point of view. Tri-Label work with packaging suppliers to ensure each label is tailored to fit with material finish and adhesive properties taken into account. Bespoke hard copy samples are regularly supplied for testing in a live production environment ahead of any bulk supply. Each product is tried and tested before supply helping to keep any wasted materials or lengthy application processes to a minimum

Design Studio

Tri-Label Design work with customer’s marketing, packaging suppliers, software developers and the Food Standards Agency to produce print ready digital artwork suitable for the industry leading Kodak NX High Definition print system. This system is the only way to produce consistent, complex, high end colour reproduction suitable for flexographic printing while keeping costs to a satisfactory level. Tri-Label work closely with leading food producers in the UK with a focus on design trends and legislation compliant data formats to build the best possible systems.

Natasha’s Allergy Research Foundation

Tri-Label are supporting NARF in the aim to cure food allergies and raise awareness of this serious issue.

Tri-Star Packaging is supporting the work of NARF, which it has chosen as its ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2020.

This partnership is focused on mobilising the industry towards a safer food labelling future.

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