Medium Compostable Oval Eco Street Bowl

Code RC096


Our unique, award-winning, environmentally-friendly, 620ml oval bowl for hot and cold food-on-the-go. Ideal for pasta, noodles, curries, burritos and salads, this innovative bowl is made from bagasse – natural, renewable sugar cane pulp – so is fully compostable. Its ergonomic shape ensures it fits perfectly in the hand and in standard takeaway bags. Microwaveable, ovenable and freezable, the Oval Eco Street Bowl comes with a separate, optional, recycled and recyclable ultra-clear lid.


Available in two sizes – 620ml & 770ml.
Bagasse (sugar cane pulp).
EN13432 certified.
Case size: 1 x 300
Size: 190mm x 150mm x 50mm
Volume: 21.8oz/620ml

Note: All information taken from manufacturers’ specifications. All products should be tested thoroughly by the user to ensure suitability for intended end use.

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