Cleanline Eco Grease Trap Maintainer – 5 Litre

Code GR036


Cleanline Eco Grease Trap Maintainer is a non-toxic biological grease trap, drain and gully cleaner based on high active, long lasting micro-organisms which rapidly degrade all types of oils and fats found in food handling establishments, thereby clearing drains and eliminating odours.

The powerful biological formula contains high levels of bacterial spores selected for effective grease removal thereby clearing drains. Dosed daily via a automatic dispensing system as preventive maintenance of drain and grease traps.

We recommend using an automatic dosing system with this product. For further information on the dosing systems that we have available please contact your sales representative.

Safety Data Sheet


Enzyme based product for grease traps and drains

Selling pack size: 4x5ltr

Note: All information taken from manufacturers’ specifications. All products should be tested thoroughly by the user to ensure suitability for intended end use.

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