3-Cavity 750cc ‘Fresco’ Salad Bowl

Code AE073


A stylish, everyday, economy salad container available in a wide variety of sizes. Made from clear recycled plastic, the recyclable Fresco range has a unique fork fitment and offers great stackability.


3-cavity Fresco bowl available in 750cc.
1-compartment Fresco bowl available in 125cc, 200cc, 250cc, 375cc, 500cc, 650cc, 750cc & 1000cc.
800cc 2-compartment Fresco bowl also available.
rPET (recycled PET, made from at least 50% post-consumer waste).
Case size: 1 x 300
Size: 187 x 150 x 65 mm
Volume: 26.4oz/750cc

Note: All information taken from manufacturers’ specifications. All products should be tested thoroughly by the user to ensure suitability for intended end use.

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