Innovation isn’t just aesthetics. From savvy structures to ingenious inventory systems, our 25 years of experience can develop smarter solutions to transform your business.

Case Studies

The right systems, organisation and product recommendations can be the difference between a business’s success or failure.

Tri-Star has a 25-year history of working with customers to understand their business. Sometimes this means going behind the scenes, to audit the production line. Sometimes it means hitting the road, to show clients the market, competition and latest trends. We even challenge manufacturers, pushing boundaries to develop new products and explore what’s possible in food-to-go.

Tri-Star took over the supply chain for a premium health food group which was wrestling with the operational challenge of matching invoices to palletised, shrink-wrapped orders for more than 10 different departments. We developed a colour-coding system that marries stock to invoicing, so that huge deliveries can be checked efficiently. The unloading of goods now works seamlessly, with a huge increase in productivity and morale.

We regularly go the extra mile to help our clients in a crisis. When an urgent call came through on Boxing Day from a food-to-go producer, who desperately needed more stock, our managing partner Kevin Prosser opened up the warehouse, loaded a van and delivered the items himself within hours.

A major coffee chain’s packaging supplier went into administration, leaving the operator with hundreds of sites with no stock. We stepped in overnight to help save their business. The supplier pulled the plug on a Friday and Tri-Star was delivering stock to the stores by Monday.

Tri-Star came to the rescue when a client needed help with supplies for the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. Our account manager rolled up her sleeves and joined the team working onsite to ensure urgent deliveries got through. We even stepped in to help when another supplier was unable to deliver. It meant the event was a right royal success.