New Product Launch: Plaza Evolve by Faerch

Tri-Star Packaging are excited to launch Evolve by Faerch into the existing Plaza range. An ‘off the shelf’ product offer providing food retailers with a fully circular PET packaging option.

The Evolve by Faerch Plaza bowls vary in colour, reflecting the recycled material they are made from. This effectively communicates the sustainable nature of the bowls.


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Increased Demand

Today, most of the recycled PET on the market is derived from transparent bottles. However, with more and more companies sourcing recycled PET, the demand for recycled bottle content has increased significantly. This means:

– Customers are demanding even more sustainable solutions from their food packaging.

– A multitude of different materials, mixes, and conflicting or misleading messages still tend to confuse.


– Evolve trays clearly reflect the recycled content they are made from. This visual cue helps to remind customers to treat the product not as waste, but as a valuable resource to collect and recycle.

– Through this visible messaging, customers will increasingly perceive Evolve by Faerch as a symbol for true circularity in rigid food packaging.

The Right Choice

Evolve by Faerch contains different palettes of colours, allowing consumers to immediately recognize the circular nature of the packaging, ensuring they make the right sustainable packaging choices.

Food Safety
In contrast to many alternative materials (which may be partly labelled as “sustainable”), Evolve complies with the strictest regulations on food safety along entire temperature ranges and provides superior food protection contributing to reduction of food waste.

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