Buddha Bowls – new & exclusive street food container

Tri-Star Packaging launches the all new Buddha Bowls, combining sustainability with innovative design for an on-trend food-to-go solution.

Tri-Star Packaging’s Buddha Bowls are the new and exclusive product for the street food market. An on-trend food-to-go solution is provided for street food traders, cafés, takeaways and caterers. With sustainability at the forefront, Buddha Bowls bagasse material is annually renewable and fully compostable. Tri-Star offers a natural-looking table-ready product with secure locking, leak-resistant lids.

Providing sustainable packaging, Tri-Star’s Buddha Bowls are made from abundant and renewable plants, such as sugarcane. Sugarcane is a raw material which regrows up to three times a year, bagasse is produced from left-over plants after cane juice extraction. This makes Buddha Bowls sustainable and 100% compostable, so it’s never been easier to go green.

Tri-Star’s Buddha Bowls are table-ready and designed for a variety of hot and cold food-to-go options. Available in 750ml and 1000ml sizes, the range offers a functional and convenient solution to catering needs. Natural and laminated pulp material is available, suitable for freezers, microwaves and ovens.

Both natural and laminated pulp products are extremely versatile. Natural pulp Buddha Bowls are best suited for ultra-fresh products – with up to 2 days of storage available. These products are suitable for hot food counter service up to 120°C. Microwave reheating is also possible, at a maximum 800W for two minutes. The natural pulp material is ideal for a variety of foods, able to present wet and oily textures without leaks.

Buddha Bowls with laminated pulp material are ideal for an extended shelf life – with 3 to 6 days of preservation. The material can be reheated in both ovens and microwaves, up to 150°C for a maximum of 30 minutes. This plant fibre product offers improved resistance for heavy or moist meals, as well as excellent leak resistance – even for delivered meals.

These Buddha Bowls come with a clever, transparent, 100% recycled PET lid ensuring that food remains on the show at all times. These products are ideal for to-go meals.

Overall, Tri-Star’s Buddha Bowls are a combination of sustainable packaging, eco-friendly design with exceptional performance. The materials used promote a circular economy, where raw materials are used and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.