Sushi Gourmet food-to-go recyclable packaging

Sustainably Stylish!

Klöckner Pentaplast launch their creative new range of Sushi Gourmet food-to-go recyclable packaging, in collaboration with Tri-Star









It seems the world is going ‘urban’. Official statistics show that the world’s urban population is expected to increase from 50% to 72% of the total population by 2050 – that’s a 44% increase between 1950 and 2050!

We are also much more likely to be living on our own. It’s a trend that’s thought to be driven by a distinct behavioural shift towards personal achievements – based around careers and education. But what does it mean for our general lifestyle and our packaging?

Single people living in towns and cities, focussed on busy careers with longer working hours, are time poor but cash rich, looking for quick, easy, convenient and healthy options.

Packaging is crucial for this category – it has to look great on shelf, grabbing the consumer’s attention in an instant, it has to protect the contents perfectly and most importantly it has to be sustainable and recyclable.

Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) is leading the way in food to go packaging, and this month launches its uniquely recyclable packaging range for Sushi Gourmet, in partnership with leading food packaging supplier Tri-Star.  The transition was made from using polystyrene (PS) packaging to a more sustainable, recyclable solution, which is made from post-consumer recycled polyester (rPET), thereby helping to close the loop on plastics.

The premium food company, owned by Hana Group, is showcasing its sushi for the first time in kp’s Sushi and Aspect packaging in 85 retail stores across the country. Matched with restaurant quality the delicious range includes premium Japanese and Asian cuisine.

The packaging is uniquely designed to retain the fresh delicate flavours of the food and to present authentic visual impact- beautifully showing off the textures and colourful contents. It is designed for those who want to eat delicious healthy food but who also want to just grab and go!

kp’s Sales Director for UK & Ireland, Sally Molyneux, says: “We are delighted to have partnered with Tri-Star on this collaboration and are really excited to see Sushi Gourmet in our packaging. We know consumers love the design, practicality and recyclability of our trays which not only look good but are good for the environment too – each tray can be turned into more trays – again and again. We hope our kp Sushi and kp Aspect trays can increasingly help provide the sustainable packaging answer to the food to go sector.”

Tri-Star Sales Director, Lee Richards added “What we see here is the culmination of many months of the industry’s leading packaging specialists pooling ideas and resources to create a mouth-wateringly beautiful food presentation solution which showcases Sushi Gourmet’s marvellous culinary concept”

Both the kp Sushi and kp Aspect trays are made from up to 100% recycled packaging –recycled PET AND are recyclable.  Once the food is consumed the tray can be put in the recycling bin and quickly turned into valuable raw material to make the next batch of trays for more delicious meals, delivering on circularity in food packaging. The trays protect the food, keep it fresh, delicious and attractive, with no material going to waste.

kp packaging provides the best in functionality, performance and sustainability. It is super cleaned to ensure quality and food safety, is perfect for platter style food products, has an anti-fog lid for optimal visibility and consumer appeal, and is available with bases in black and lids in clear as standard. Its high content of recycled material makes it THE sustainable choice.

The stylish and contemporary design delivers enhanced shelf presence and differentiation and it has a de-nest feature for easy separation and operational efficiency. Consumer benefits are many – it has a clip lid to retain freshness and product protection, there is enhanced product visibility, it has stability, portability and structure designed for on-the-go usage, it is easy to recycle in local collection systems and it is fully recyclable.

Each tray can be in a range of shapes, depths and sizes and can be printed with an additional design. They are easily stackable, easy to label and secure and their sustainable story makes them attractive and easy for consumers wanting to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint.

By 2022, the food-to-go sector is set to be worth an impressive £23.5 billion with constantly changing choices inspiring the consumer to grab and go more and more – knowing they can eat the type of food they want, perfectly packaged but environmentally sustainable too.

This sustainable transition to recyclable packaging supports kp’s award winning Positive Plastics Pledge campaign which outlines a four-point plan to achieve a circular economy for plastics through the pillars – Innovate, Accelerate, Educate and Activate. Innovate and Accelerate are focussed on designing for circularity. For more information visit: https://www.kpfilms.com/en/sustainability/index.php.

For sales enquiries please call 020 8443 9100 or email enquiries@tri-star.co.uk.