Stagione – perfect for hot, chilled and delivered food.

All new to Tri-Star Packaging, Stagione provides a versatile and sustainable packaging solution – perfect for hot, chilled and delivered food.

Tri-Star’s Stagione trays are made from Kraft PP lined paperboard and are available in three volumes – 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml. The trays are uniquely designed with a rolled-top construction that features the same top out size for each – allowing ease of fill, sale and consumption. No matter the size of the tray, a ‘one size fits all’ lid is available, perfect for packing speed.

Ensuring sustainability and renewability, the Kraft paperboard trays are all FSC certified as well as 100% recyclable within current and proposed guidelines. Stagione’s tight-fitting lids are available in three recyclable material options; Kraft PP lined paperboard, microwavable PP and an anti-mist, recycled PET.

Tri-Star’s new trays offer style and effortless practicality from the point of fill, through to consumption and disposal.







Due to its stability and rigid construction, Stagione answers the need for an easy to fill food-to-go packaging product. It’s also a fantastic option for pre-packed food-to-go, Stagione can be film sealed and labelled and are also suitable for microwaves and freezers. The bases can be printed with bespoke branding or left plain for the authentic Kraft street food appearance. The lids and bases are stackable to ensure great shelf presence with this product.

For a premium look and feel, our transparent rPET and PP lid options ensure that food is always on show to consumers. The Kraft paperboard options also allow for bespoke printing and lining options – a perfect way to display beautiful branding and ingredients.

Usability for the consumer is easy with the plug fit lid options allowing for quick opening and reclosing. The trays are easy to hold and eat from, with the thicker Kraft board construction helping to reduce heat transfer from the food to the hand. The paperboard trays and PP lids can also be microwaved, allowing the consumer to save any leftover food and easily re-heat later.

For the products end of life, disposal is made easy as all of the Stagione range can be recycled. If you wish to compost these trays then this is also available as a bespoke option.

Tri-Star provides an innovative and sustainable packaging solution with Stagione. The product is ideal for varying food types both hot and chilled, with the high-quality construction ensuring that delivered food arrives in one piece. The three depths allow for versatility with the ‘one size fits all’ lid, simplifying the filling process. With sustainability in mind as always, this unique range is fully recyclable.