Keeping a sustainable focus through Covid











At Tri-Star Packaging, sustainability remains a key focus for us. We are committed to providing our customers with the most sustainable products essential for a Covid safe foodservice operation. We can provide many sustainable options for food-to-go service, as well as cleaning products to ensure a safe and sanitised environment.

In some sectors we have seen an increase in demand for disposable packaging, however it is encouraging to see that we are still being asked how we can offer a sustainable, material responsible approach in this area.  Furthermore, many of our customers have set out long term sustainability goals and we remain committed to helping them achieve these goals throughout 2020.

Our products are designed to be sustainable from production through to use and disposal. Whether you need hot or cold food containers, drink cups and carriers, or cutlery – we have plenty of sustainable options. We have a range of recyclable and compostable material options available. Tri-Star’s recycled options are made from re-used plastic, paper or cardboard. The recycling of pre-used materials limits both landfill waste and litter. Our compostable options are made from renewable resources, such as plants and trees. These include bagasse, bioplastics and sustainable forest paper. If deciding whether recyclable or compostable products are right for you, it can be helpful to consider the waste disposal stream available where your business is located.

A thorough, efficient, and frequent cleaning schedule is crucial for a Covid safe environment. Due to this, we’re aware that an improved cleaning routine may be at the top of every foodservice establishments to-do list. With Tri-Star’s Cleanline Eco range, hygiene and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive. The range aims to protect life on land and water whilst being effective in use. Each product in the range also promotes responsible consumption and production.

Cleanline Eco has a selection of cleaning solutions for Kitchen, Washroom and Front of House. Our convenient cleaning solutions are available in 750ml ready to use trigger bottles, or 5 Litre concentrate solutions that can be diluted on site. The eco-friendly options cover Foodsafe Sanitisers, Washroom Cleaners and Hard Surface Cleaners. With Cleanline Eco, you can clean sustainably and responsibly without losing on performance and efficiency.

Tri-Star Packaging’s sustainable food-to-go packaging and Cleanline Eco cleaning products can ensure your businesses sustainability goals are still achieved whilst keeping Covid safe. If you are interested in discussing our eco-friendly options, please request a call back from a member of our team here.